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How to Clean the exterior of Your House - Hire a pro

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

If you’re a savvy homeowner hoping to make good money on your home sale, or simply looking to improve your home’s curb appeal . Bayside is here to help you get one step closer to your goal.

Time and weather are colluding to wreak havoc on your windows, siding, roof, and porches. You might not have noticed, but cleaning to remove built-up grime and debris can get your home looking brand new again.

So, how do you go about cleaning the exterior of your house? It’s all about taking a smart and safe approach so you don’t do any harm to the property (or yourself!)

say no to pressure washing

Hosing down your home’s exterior with a pressure washer to make it look brand new again may seem like a no-brainer, but the reality isn’t so cut and dried.

No matter what material your house is made of, if the pressure on that high-powered stream of water is set too high, it’ll do major damage. It can shred wood, crumble brick, gash stucco, shatter stone and even dent aluminum siding.

Aside from cosmetic damage, pressure washing can lead to structural issues, too. If your home has any exterior problems, like wood rot or crumbling stucco, pressure washing will just make a bad situation worse. You also run the risk of forcing water into your walls, which can lead to mold or water damage down the line.

So, does that mean you’re stuck scrubbing your whole house with a rag and a bucket? Absolutely not!! Hire a Soft Washing Proessional.

Soft washing is a cleaning method using low pressure and specialized solutions (typically bleach, water, and a surfactant) to safely remove mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains from roofs and other building exteriors. It is so named to differentiate the method from power washing.

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association recommends low-pressure bleach or detergent assisted washing as the preferred method for cleaning asphalt roofs in order to prevent damage to the shingles.

Soft washing is using low pressure and water-based, biodegradable disinfecting cleaning solution to kill the mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, fungus, moss and more on exterior home and building surfaces.

Soft washing Equipment is distinctly different than power and pressure washing equipment. The electric diaphragm pump applies the cleaning solution at 40-80 PSI. The equipment used for soft washing may also have telescoping handles so that the cleaning solution can easily reach roof eaves, upper story windows, and other such areas, without this added pressure.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and we look forward to seeing you again this spring!

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