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Santa Was Good To Bayside This Year!

Introducing the new cutting-edge Pure Water Window Cleaning Brush and System —a pinnacle in window cleaning technology. This innovative brush boasts interchangeable specialized attachments meticulously designed to tackle various challenges: dust, dirt, spider droppings, bird droppings, pollen, hard water spots, and more.

The 3-stage pure water window cleaning system is a cutting-edge solution designed to achieve unparalleled cleanliness and clarity.

The three stages of filtration work in tandem with the bush to purify water before it touches your windows.

Sediment Filtration: The initial stage targets larger particles like dirt and debris, ensuring they are effectively removed from the water. This step prevents these particles from scratching or marring the glass during the cleaning process.

Carbon Filtration: In the second stage, activated carbon is used to eliminate smaller impurities, including chemicals and organic compounds. This step enhances the water's purity, preparing it for the final phase.

Reverse Osmosis: The third and crucial stage employs reverse osmosis to remove nearly all remaining contaminants, minerals, and impurities, leaving the water in its purest form. This purified water acts as a powerful solvent, attracting and lifting dirt from the window surface without the need for additional cleaning agents.

By utilizing this 3-stage process, our pure water window cleaning system ensures a streak-free, spotless finish, promoting both efficiency and environmental responsibility in your window cleaning routine.

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